About Us

About Us

Are you keen to pursue a bright career or want to be a pro in Aesthetic Medicine? You are in the right place as your search ends with the Universal Institute of Cosmetology and Aesthetic Medicine (UICAM), where you fulfil your academic and career-related needs in Aesthetic Medicine.

Who Are We?

UICAM is an internationally renowned Aesthetic and Cosmetology Skill Training Academy catering to the physicians seeking to further build up their profession in Aesthetic Medicine. Being evergreen and evolving sector, Aesthetic Medicine is a need of the hour today.

What Do We Do?

At UICAM, our primary goal is to provide outstanding yet comprehensive training and education to teach new and advanced skills to Medical Professionals, especially those from the Plastic & Aesthetic fraternity and the renowned physicians. Even experts with their expertise in various fields of Medical Sciences require updating their knowledge. We make them aware of the cutting edge technology about Aesthetic Medicine by honing their ability further.

About Us
About Us
About Us

UICAM offers excellent teaching and training avenues with a wide range of courses in Aesthetic Medicine. The participants registered with UICAM attain full knowledge to boost their Aesthetic Medicine & Surgery competencies for newer confidence. Also, participants experience hands-on training in multiple other techniques. Our internationally famous aesthetic experts guide participants to learn to develop business practices based on value-based ethical practices.

Aesthetic Medicine has been booming throughout the world. With an increase in demand for Aesthetic Care, the need for trained practitioners has equally grown. Being a booming industry, Aesthetic Medicine welcomed numerous upgraded latest technologies. Experts and experienced Plastic and Aesthetic Surgeons are required to deliver the best possible care to patients.

Why Us?

At UICAM, our internationally accredited Plastic & Aesthetic Physicians provide extensive training and guidance through the Diploma and Fellowship courses in Aesthetic Medicine. Our faculty comprises experts as renowned Aesthetic Surgeons of national and global reputation.

We strive to educate physicians to learn about the best practices. They receive guidance on how to run an effective aesthetic business. The hands-on training also includes developing skills to run fully equipped aesthetic procedures by keeping them abreast of the latest technologies and advancements that should prepare them to offer the best care and solutions to patients.

At UICAM, we have a team of internationally acclaimed expert trainers. They offer thorough business development training. As highly skilled trainers and professionals with abundant knowledge and years of expertise, especially in Aesthetic Medicine, they guide the physicians to learn and explore economic and organizational management principles besides their applications in Aesthetic Medicine clinics.

Our exclusive training sessions include demonstrating various techniques with actual patients to practical sessions with the model patients. We ascertain the use of most in-demand treatment options while training physicians.

At UICAM, the courses designed are an amalgamation of clinical practices that relate to Aesthetic Medicine. Our courses enhance the practices regardless of medical speciality. We aim to promote Lasers' safe use and the ethical method of Aesthetic Medicine approach to patients.

Our Mission

Our mission is to endorse the advancement of knowledge in Aesthetic and Laser Medicine by conducting international seminars, Fellowship programs and conferences. Our sincere effort is to provide the best protocols and clinical practice guidelines that must be followed and practised in Aesthetic Medicine for a new dawn in the Medical Fraternity for further hope and empowerment.


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