Vice President

Dr. Jose Miguel Diaz
Degrees MD, Ph.D, Plastic Surgeon
Areas of Expertise Plastic Surgery Aesthetic Medicine Reconstructive Surgery
Language(s) English / Spanish
Location Dominican Republic

Dr. Jose Miguel Diaz, MD, Ph.D

Vice President

Dr. Jose Diaz is a board certified plastic surgeon specializing in aesthetic and reconstructive surgery of the face, nose, eyes, breast, and body as well as breast reconstruction following surgery for breast cancer. With his reputable training and dedication to patient care, patients look up-to him for peace of mind as they receive top-notch care for their procedure. Dr. Jose Diaz focuses on delivering results that are beautiful, yet natural appearing, with an emphasis on safety and providing his patients with latest surgical techniques. He has a knack for innovative and minimally invasive approaches in Plastic Surgery.

He attained his Degree in General Medicine from Universidad Autonoma de Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic from 2001-2007. He studied General Medicine, and his keen interest in Aesthetic Medicine led him to opt for Advanced Aesthetic Medical procedures in AMS Miami, Florida, in 2013.

He worked as a General Surgeon in the hospital Militar Dr Ramon De Lara for 4 years (2014-17), where he acquired surgical skills and advanced to finish Plastic Surgery residency from Universidad De Santiago De Cuba, Cuba, from 2018 to 2020. As a proficient plastic surgeon, he has gained immense popularity among people of interest. His expertise in this field have perfectly reflected his dedication. His services are very well appreciated in the Medical fraternity.

With his extensive experience in the field of aesthetic medicine of over 15 years, he has successfully contributed to setting the University of Universal Institute of Cosmetology and Aesthetic Medicine's Strategy and Foundation.