Dr. Oscar Suarez
Degrees M.D. Doctor of Medicine,
Master in Aesthetic Medicine
Areas of Expertise Aesthetics Antiaging & Wellness Medical Marketing
Language(s) English / Spanish
Country Spain / Peru

Dr. Oscar Suarez


Dr. Oscar Suarez has a strong background in the Aesthetic Medical Practice Industry as a doctor, clinician-educator, and President of the Universal Institute of Cosmetology and Aesthetic Medicine since 2005. He boasts a remarkable experience in Aesthetics Anti-ageing & Wellness Medical Marketing and contributing in the areas of Medical Coaching, Customer Services, Medical Education, Medical Devices, Sales and Marketing.

Being a versatile healthcare professional with a Master's degree in Aesthetic Medicine from the “Universitat de les Illes Balears” and an M.D. in Doctor of Medicine from the University of San Martin de Porres, Lima, Peru, his research is well-focused in the areas of Aesthetic Medicine.

Dr. Suárez currently holds the position of CEO at “MD Cliniques”, Barcelona - Spain and “MD Aesthetics”, Lima - Peru. He has served as a Medical Doctor at MediSpa at Sea from 2009 to 2012 and 2017 to 2018. Furthermore, he has also offered his remarkable contributions at Steiner Leisure Limited as Global Sales and Revenue-MediSpa Division from 2013 to 2017, based in Miami, USA.

With his 17+ years of tremendous experience, he has successfully contributed to setting up of Universal Institute of Cosmetology and Aesthetic Medicine's strategy and foundation. He oversees every aspect of the University minutely, including clinical networks as well as physician practices.

Under the influential leadership of Dr. Oscar Suárez, UICAM has set up a benchmark in the biomedical revolution of Aesthetic Medicine, Clinical Education and Wellness Medical Marketing. He has constantly been focusing on empowering personalized healthcare while fulfilling University's unique goals and objectives. He has played an integral role as a mentor for budding physicians and faculty members.

His other scholarly interests are Career Counseling for Medical Students, Workforce Development, the Development of Clinical Reasoning, besides the advancement in Aesthetic Medicine & Wellness Medical Marketing.

With his great travelling and working experience in Europe, Latin America, and the USA, Dr. Suárez has been successfully imparting his incredible healthcare professional skills with his own brand and medical practice in Barcelona and Andorra.