Executive Director

Dr Karun Balasetty
Areas of Expertise Aesthetic Medicine Cosmotology Anti Aging Medicine
Language(s) Telugu / English / Hindi / Tamil / Chinese
Location India / Slovenia

Dr Karun Balasetty

Executive Director

Karun Raj Balasetty is a very compassionate Doctor and an enthusiastic entrepreneur with a robust background in the Aesthetic Medical Sector. He boasts a remarkable experience in Aesthetics, Anti-ageing & Wellness Medical Marketing besides his irrefutable contribution to Medical Coaching, Customer Services, Medical Education, Medical Devices, Sales, and Marketing services that make him a renowned professional.

Being a universal healthcare professional with various accomplishments, such as a MedicalOfficer in the National Disaster Response Force for the Government of India, he was responsible for Army Officers' health. He provided healthcare to the soldiers and their families.

He obtained advanced training in aesthetics medical procedures under renowned plastic surgeon Dr. Brad Herman in Miami , Florida , USA and received his doctorate Medicine from the Soochow University, Sunzhou, Jiangsu, China. he also has diploma in clinical research and pharmacovigilance and His research is well-focused in the areas of Aesthetic Medicine. His primary focus remained on facial rejuvenation treatments.

Dr Karun Raj Balasetty has also worked at the luxury cruise lines for an incredible seven years.During that period, he launched various aesthetic practices for the Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines and Norwegian Cruise Lines into different regions like the USA, Caribbean Islands, Europe,China, and Japan. He treated and earned his tremendous rapport with thousands of his delighted patients. He also built a network of doctors, aestheticians, management in the luxury beauty industry, and patients all over the world.

With his 8+ years of tremendous experience, as Founder and executive director, he successfully contributed to setting up the Universal Institute of Cosmetology and Aesthetic Medicine (UICAM) strategy and foundation.He oversees every aspect of the UICAM minutely, including clinical networks as well as physician practices.

With his strong management skills, he is the Executive Director of Coolkaru Info Solutions Pvt.Ltd., where he developed vital operational skills to drive and maintain substantial business growth. He also went on to market implementations of new market expansion, thus propel the business forward and adapt to the market changes. He is also a Board Member of KarunCan situated in Canada. He monitored the operational activities to ascertain the results ;effectiveness, especially the specific areas used for better oversight.